The open access Additive Manufacturing Materials Database (AMMD) is a collaborative platform that shares structured material data to the AM community advancing the development of AM technology.

About AMMD

The Additive Manufacturing Materials Database (AMMD) is built using the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Material Data Curation System (MDCS) as a backend with structure provided by NIST’s additive manufacturing (AM) schema. Providing a collaboration platform, the database is set to evolve through the open data access and material data sharing among the AM community. As data sets continue to accumulate, new correlations can be established between processes, materials, and parts.

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The schema, or data structure, represents the backbone of the AMMD. The relationships created by the structure are essential to supporting meaningful data curation and data retrieval. As the AMMD matures through iterations, the data structure will need to evolve to support the development of meaningful relationships that can be used to query the database.

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